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sounds chill to me

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February 28th, 2006

wantingtoneed @ 10:15 pm: My god 2006!!!
going quick
i been soooo into

tilly aaaand the wall
any one

December 6th, 2005

fufuberrysoda @ 11:33 am: My name is Lulu and... Oooh. Community about music. I like music. A lot. Various different kinds, but I'll only list the stuff I listen to often.

-The Pixies
-Ryan Adams (before his last two albums, though I still love him)
-The Boom!
-Sneaker Pimps
-The Mooney Suzuki
-David Usher
-Sneaker Pimps
-Nick Cave (Bad Seeds, Dirty Three, or any other incarnations)
-David Bowie
-Kula Shaker
-The Jeevas
-Beth Orton
-Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
-Marianne Faithfull

I listen to a lot more, but... well, the list was getting out of hand...

Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: pj harvey - ballad of the soldier's wife.

November 6th, 2005

android176 @ 03:17 pm: this seems like a most inviting community,
not intimidating or rule oppressive at all

i guess here are a few bands i enjoy:
gravy train
black eyes
evil robot us'
the mountain goats
xiu xiu

Current Music: lightning bolt-behemoth

May 1st, 2005

apassengerseat @ 10:56 pm: for those of you interested in the album leaf
an ambient/electronica public radio show called echoes will be airing a pre-recorded album leaf concert on wednesday, may 18th (or thursday may 19th if you live in the philadelphia area). it's a nationally syndicated show, to find if it's airing in your area, go to: http://www.echoes.org/stattime.html

as for me, the userinfo for this community asks for new members to list some favorite bands:
[the album leaf]
do make say think
explosions in the sky
the decemberists
the arcade fire

Current Music: chin up chin up - why is my sleeping bag a ghetto muppet?

April 25th, 2005

jackislove @ 02:05 am:

April 18th, 2005

__lillapeed @ 11:49 am: hi everyone.
16/f/texas-austin-san antonio-ish area.

saves the day
coolhand luke
old underoath
the chariot
boys night out
the melvins
pink floyd


March 30th, 2005

be_my_chicago @ 01:59 am: I saw a video but I missed who it was.
In it the band are playing in a kind of apocalyptic landscape, there's people on horseback fighting and air balloons are dropping bombs on people and the band. The singer is playing a knackered steel guitar and they have two drummers, one of whom plays a military style drum.
Anyone seen this and knows what who is?

February 2nd, 2005

felixkicks @ 04:30 pm: happy ground hog's day

January 14th, 2005

perfectintheory @ 12:19 pm: hey does anyone know where to get lyrics to The Blood Group songs?

January 5th, 2005

femslashqueen @ 11:22 pm: Hi.
I'm Jacquie, 22, from Camden, NSW, Australia, as per community rules heres a list of my favorite bands/singers:

The New Pornographers
A.C. Newman
Neko Case and her Boyfriends
Snow Patrol
The Killers
Maroon 5
Eskimo Joe

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: ER - Calling Dr. Hathaway
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